ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTION Managing access to resources is assuming increasing importance for organizations everywhere, from public to privates. Even organization now recognizes the danger of security breach due to the tensed security situations in the country today. Access control is, in reality, an everyday phenomenon. The possession of access control is of prime importance when persons seek to secure important, confidential, or sensitive information and equipment in organizations. Such areas may include Store, Technical Department and Executive room, etc. It is also important that unauthorized person do not have access to the company’s premises. This begins, of course, with controlling the entrances and exits to buildings. Hence, the need to manage visitors, save risk of scrupulous key duplication, and use of CCTV etc. With the rampant need for security, we hereby introduce our access control solution to ensure an effective security system which is the fundamental principle of access management. For access control solution, will offer the following to your organization: 100% Access Control in all designated locations Generate reports of entry/exit records Restrict access from a remote location Use multiple authentication modes (Password, Pass-Phrase or Pin, RFID/Smart Card, Fingerprint) Access control link to wide area network for accessibility; among others Our access control system is available for stand-alone, and multiple doors. It can also be used alongside a time attendance solution.