Biometric attendance system in the workforce management has great potential not only to combat time theft of employees but also to increase productivity and profits. Biometric workforce management attendance systems have great potential to not only combat time theft of employees but also to increase productivity and profits. Time theft is widely considered as a great obstacle of employee productivity and profit maximization in the workforce management industry. Time theft at works occurs when an employee accepts pay from their employer for time they have not actually put in, and it can occur in different ways such as time clock theft, proxy attendance, buddy punching, over extended breaks, excessive personal time, and more. Biometric identification technology is now taking a permanent place in the workplace to combat time theft and increase profits in the workforce industry, for many reasons. However, business are looking for new ways or technology to prevent employee time theft and effectively manage their attendance. The use of biometric identification for employee time and attendance is the most reliable option and the future of workforce management accountability may be non-existent without this very useful technology


Biometric technology isolates and captures unique human physiological characteristics to identify a person. Once upon a time this technology was only seen in sci-fi movies but each day it becomes a go-to technology for government identity projects, law enforcement agencies (e.g. police, forensic departments, and detective branches) for fast and accurate identification. Biometric identification is accurate, secure, and end user solutions are specifically designed to be user friendly to help bring convenience to the workplace. The main reason of implementing a biometric system into workforce management for eliminating time theft is that it identifies a person by biometric credentials such as a fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein or iris, which cannot be lost, forgotten, guessed, or easily cloned. Therefore, there is less chance of any kind of time theft. HOW CAN BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION COMBAT TIME THEFT? Biometric identification is now considered a reliable and cost effective solution for implementation into a workforce management system to combat time theft. Biometrics Attendance Management Systems – a time attendance solution specifically developed to improve your workforce management by monitoring and tracking staff attendance, resumption and departure times of staff at work, number of hours worked by staff, number of days at work, amount of extra hours worked, amount of extra hours’ incentives earned. Statistics reveal that up to 25% of employee salaries are unjustifiable and which have a negative effect on the overall productivity on the company. Our solution will assist you in the following ways:

1. To improve operational efficiency

2. To help you chart and measure public service delivery with civil servants’ performance

3. To help you establish a defined attendance monitoring system

4. Empowering directors and permanent secretaries to check and report inefficiency

5. Reducing operating expenses by controlling incidental labour costs

6. Enhances a culture of accountability BENEFITS USING BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION TECHNOLOGY The landscape is filled with time clock devices but BioNet Technologies Biometrics Attendance Management Systems (BAMS) solution when comparing our capabilities and proposed solution to available alternatives, the benefits of choosing BioNet Technologies BAMS solution include:

• Cost Effectiveness

• Increased operational efficiency

• Monitor Ministries’ and Agencies’ performance

• Automated attendance system • Improved corporate culture and sense of responsibility • Improved and organized work environment

• Increased employee safety • Flexibility and high Specification TMS is guaranteed to offer your organization the following:

• Automated HR Management solution

• Automated time attendance report (Punctuality, Lateness, Absentee, Overtime(for staff), Leave(for staff), etc Reports )

• Increased staff motivation

• Improved and organized work environment (No paper attendance) Biometric identification in the workplace has great potential not only to prevent employee time theft but also to prevent buddy punching and other egregious violations to increase productivity and profits. Moreover, a biometric attendance solution integrated with a workforce management system improves the ease-of-use, efficiency, and accuracy of timekeeping systems while saving payroll costs of any company and increasing profits.